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Minute Expert: Wire Size and Voltage Drop Part 2- Constant Power Devices

In the first video on Wire Size and Voltage Drop (part one) we described why selecting the correct gauge of wire is import to ensure your electrical devices operate at their optimum capacity. In part 2 you will learn how constant power devices are effected by the choice of wire gauge.

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Lumitec Minute Expert- Wire Size & Voltage Drop Part 1

Introducing the all new “Minute Expert”- Lumitec is introducing a new series of information videos that will address the most common technical questions that arise when incorporating our products into your boat, vehicle or lighting project and can be viewed at The “Minute Expert” series will address everything from choosing the correct wire size to drilling fiberglass in short informative videos that take complex technical issues and make them simple to understand. The first episode is Wire & Voltage Drop with more to follow.

Wire Size & Voltage Drop Part 1: Are your lights, pumps, or wenches running at full operating potential? To find out if you are using the correct wiring in your boat, truck or off-roader, check out this Minute Expert clip.

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Living Lumitec: It’s About Passion

When we think of Living Lumitec, it’s about boating and marine, it’s much bigger than that. It’s about passion. We try to find people that are passionate about being an engineer. As a company one of our core driving values is to try to deliver a fulfilling, fun work environment. These things speak to not necessarily boating, these speak to the character of our employees.

We just love to be out there and together. Our fishing team is a lot of fun and that’s the point. There’s a lot of tournament teams out there and they’re hard core and they often beat us. We aren’t the most competitive fishing team, but as a team that has some pretty good anglers, a lot of fun, builds memories, tells jokes, and finds the right balance, we think we do it up right. We believe that there are things that are noble, that are right and they contribute to the overall happiness of our employees and our customers. Those are the things that matter and those are the things we are passionate about.

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Lumitec: Outshining the Competition On Both Land and Sea

Some of the hardest jobs in the world’s most oppressive environments require carefully engineered tools – tools that won’t fail or underperform when the going gets tough. Lumitec is a market leading manufacturer of LED solutions for the world’s most rugged machines and vehicles. From a small startup to a leading international LED lighting manufacturer, Lumitec is committed to expanding and innovating LED solutions to meet a growing demand across diverse sectors on both land and sea.

Lumitec is rapidly expanding, and has recently acquired a new heavy equipment customer with unique terrestrial lighting challenges. Peterson Corp. has been an Oregon corporation since 1981. The company began as Wilbur Peterson & Sons, a heavy construction company. Peterson expanded into manufacturing to develop equipment to suit their land-clearing and construction needs. The Model DD 4800, a portable Delimber-Debarker, was designed first. The Model DDC 5000, a portable Delimber-Debarker-Chipper, was developed next, followed by other portable equipment for the paper pulp industry. These machines are used in massive jobs from forestry to hurricane cleanup. Due to the large nature of these machines and job types, extreme vibrations and wet environments are common.

Lumitec has engineered an elite series of scene/flood lights with performance surpassing all other lights in their class. Engineered to perform exceptionally well under the harshest conditions, and eclipsing the output of traditional halogens, the General Area Location (GAI) light, featuring a IP67-compliant body, repels water to reduce corrosive effects on critical components. Constructed with high-quality cast metal and aluminum housings, Lumitec’s lighting solutions are designed to withstand the world’s toughest conditions. They are loaded with features, including multiple color output, dimming, and flashing options for high visibility in emergency situations and heavy weather conditions. Lumitec scene/flood lights consistently outperform and outlast the competition.

Peterson needed lights that could handle high vibration, high usage, and wet/damp environments. Nothing on the market is more durable and reliable than Lumitec’s lightweight CapriLT LED Flood Lights. These lights were specially chosen for use on two product lines, the 4710D Grinder, and 3310 Drum Chipper, due to their compact size and exceptional performance. Peterson was so impressed with the durability of Lumitec’s products that they will now be using them on all new product lines. Peterson will also be using Lumitec’s cab down lights in the interior of their truck cabs. Along with over 200+ marine OEMs, Peterson made the commitment to use the world’s most dependable and durable LED systems.

In the harshest conditions, Lumitec lights are at their best. Originally engineered for use on marine vessels in the roughest of seas, Lumitec’s driving lights are designed to perform in the harshest weather. Functional, durable and incorporating the most advanced technology, they work at lower operating temperatures while consuming less power.

To learn more about Lumitec and how they are helping improve operations in the world’s toughest environments, visit

Photos courtesy of Peterson Corp

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I’m A Boater

Boating is about being self-sufficient and saying, “I can do this.”

Boaters are the guys who get in and get their hands dirty. I’m a boater. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sport fish, a center console, or a skiff. Boaters are the guys who fix the pump when it breaks, boaters are the guys who check the oil, who get in and get their fingernails dirty. But that’s all part of the experience. It’s the whole package and with that whole package you really get true engagement.

You really can say, “This is mine and I have mastered this.”

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Living Lumitec: Salt Water Savvy

When you walk down those docks, you’re going to find people, and you’re going to quickly assess if they’re salty like you. You’re going to know if they’re a someone who just got a boat, and are kind of feeling the ropes or if they’ve been at sea for 30 years. If they’ve been at sea for 30 years, then you know they’ve been in the thick of it.

It seems like everyone has their war stories, and if you’re at sea long enough you’re going to accumulate a couple of your own. When something goes wrong, and you’re out there on your own, do you know what to do? Will you be the one who keeps a clear head? It’s about focus, preparation, and experience. It’s called being saltwater savvy. Click on the video to see what that looks like.

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Living Lumitec: Reel Life

Living Lumitec means you believe that a successful day on the water is any day you leave the dock and you come back and the only bad thing that you got is a sunburn. We are avid deep sea fishermen, so we know that the interaction between man, fish, and the ocean is almost hard to describe. It’s an anticipation and it’s a building of excitement until the fish comes… or it doesn’t. It’s that thing that’s always different and unpredictable, you kind of know what to expect, but really anything can happen. Focus, intensity, preparation… everything culminates with an exciting interaction with the fish and your buddies out there with you.

Living Lumitec is, simply, a passion for the water and a love for boating. For boaters, avid fishermen, sailors, divers or anyone who lives the marine lifestyle, getting out there in the open waters feels like taking a deep breath. Connecting with the forces of nature, putting the stress of daily life in your wake and charting your own course both day and night, that’s Living Lumitec!

#LivingLumitec #Lumitec #LumitecLighting

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VIDEO: Living Lumitec- Discover the Night

Are you "Living Lumitec?"


Living Lumitec is, simply, a passion for the water and a love for boating. For boaters, avid fishermen, sailors, divers or anyone who lives the marine lifestyle, getting out there in the open waters feels like taking a deep breath. Connecting with the forces of nature, putting the stress of daily life in your wake and charting your own course both day and night, that’s Living Lumitec!

As you teach your kids about nature’s power and learn from the ocean as you go, you see things others never witness – a pod of dolphins at play, a jaw-dropping display of bioluminescence, a constellation in sharp relief against a pitch-black sky.

Lumitec lights allow you to experience a whole other world at night. The things you can see on a dark night at sea are really special, and our lights enable you to stay out longer, explore further and enjoy a new experience that comes with night boating. Color and light add a new design dimension and are a key aspect of getting the most out of your passion for life on the water. The wind in your hair and the salt on your skin connects you to the sea, the boating experience and best parts of yourself.

Live fully, live brighter. Light up the night and start Living Lumitec.

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The Best in Underwater Lighting – Lumitec’s SeaBlazeX LED

Be the envy of everyone in the boating community this summer with underwater boat lights. Not only does Lumitec offer great illumination for all kinds of nighttime activities but they also provide flair and safety. In March 2017, named Lumitec’s SeaBlaze X LED lights the best underwater boat lights after numerous hours of research.

Completely surface mountable, the SeaBlazeX LED lights have an underwater service life of more than 50,000 hours with its bronze alloy housing. The circuitry is completely self-contained and tested to rigorous military standards for EMI, transient voltages, temperature extremes, and mechanical shock and vibration. These lights operate above water indefinitely without damage and have a lower profile and smaller footprint than most other competitor LED underwater lights. With no external circuitry and no large through-holes required, SeaBlaze X lights are a level above competitors.

Since its founding in 2007, Lumitec has gone from a small startup to a market leading international LED lighting manufacturer. Our products are built on high standards of quality, reliability and performance. The company continues to expand and innovate to meet a growing demand across diverse sectors on both land and sea. To some people, we are simply providing a product. To others, we are expanding their lifestyle.

Lumitec’s SeaBlaze X LED lights beat out these competitors:

  • AGPtek Yacht Light
  • Pactrade Marine Bright S.S.316
  • SeaSense Surface Mount
  • T-H Marine LED-51867-DP
  • Amarine Blue Cree
  • Go Green Fish LED Pucks
  • AGPtek IP68

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Refit Excellence Awards Honor Teams that Deliver Like-New Vessels to Happy Owners

Building a custom seaworthy vessel from scratch is challenging and rewarding, but perhaps an even more interesting proposition is refitting an existing boat to create something better than new. This was the challenge presented to several teams who recently garnered recognition for their outstanding efforts at the recent Refit International Exhibition & Conference in Fort Lauderdale. These teams worked together to meet unusual owner specifications and wowed judges with their unique visions. Lumitec was a proud partner in one of the award-winning refits, and congratulates all the winners.

Yacht refits are often more complicated than new constructions. The Refit Excellence Awards give the industry the opportunity to honor the people who take on these complex projects and deliver like-new vessels to happy owners,” said Jim Miller, show manager of the conference and publisher of Professional BoatBuilder magazine.

Refit teams behind the 66-foot sportfish Reel Steel, the 148-foot motoryacht Scout, the 80-foot sailing yacht Swan 80-002 and the 52-foot powerboat Cuttin’ Up received Refit Excellence Awards during the two-day conference.

The award for “Best Poweryacht Refit between 50 and 100 Feet” went to Reel Steel, submitted by Jarrett Bay Boatworks. This prized vessel re
ceived extensive updates from buggy top to props, anchor locker to underwater lighting and everything in between. Lumitec helped refit the 66-foot sportfish boat by supplying the team with Mirage down lights, Nevis engine room lights, Rail utility lights and SeaBlaze underwater lights. In addition, the iconic Hines-Farley sportfishing vessel was given new life by her owners by reconfiguring her cockpit to allow more functionality and adding two Seakeeper gyro stabilizer units.

The award for “Best Poweryacht Refit Over 100 Feet” went to Scout, submitted by Bacchus Yacht Consultancy. The award for “Best Sailing Yacht Refit” went to Swan 80-002, submitted by New England Boatworks.

Lumitec is very honored to have taken part in an award-winning boat refit. The company is committed to delivering performance, reliability, quality, and unparalleled support in all facets of business to create lighting solutions for the most extreme environments. Our reputation in the marine industry among top builders and end users is second-to-none. In our tireless pursuit of excellence, Lumitec constantly innovates new techniques where necessary. Founded in 2007, Lumitec was conceived, designed, and built to leverage new technologies in the development of innovative, high value products. This vision of who we are shapes everything about our company.

To learn more about how Lumitec can help create your vision, visit today.

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Customized Lumitec LEDs Illuminate Lexus Sport Yacht Concept

For the new 42’ Lexus Sport Yacht concept, every detail had to be perfect. The luxury carmaker was bringing its renowned penchant for quality to the boating world, and required customized components. Unfortunately, customized parts do not always lead to satisfactory results. But bespoke, crafted components were part of the brand DNA for the 42-foot luxury yacht.

One of the key feature Lexus desired was dimming LED lighting for the engine compartment. The design of the luminaires had to reflect the design aesthetic that extended even to the engine compartment, while delivering lighting that helped technicians maintain the 885 horsepower twin V8 engines.

That’s where Lumitec stepped in. Lumitec’s product development and engineering teams deliver deep technical expertise and use cutting edge technology such as the Rapid Prototype Lab, Electrical Lab, Testing Suite, and Optics Lab.

Due to Lumitec’s unique qualifications, Lexus partnered with the company to develop a custom version of the Rail2 utility lights with a 5K white dimming option for the engine compartment of the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept.

Although Lumitec’s custom products usually center on the visible light spectrum in whites and colors, the company has produced systems spanning 250nm to 900+nm, with required power from 1W to 150+W. Custom projects have ranged from as few as one piece to several thousand.

The Rail2 LED Utility Lights are water sealed and IP67 compliant, which means they are approved use in both interior and exterior applications. The Rail2 is available in a high CRI warm white and three-color versions, including red for improved night vision.

The Lexus Sport Yacht is a running “proof of concept” that extends the Lexus brand to the marine world. It features the latest technology found in the road cars, including color touchscreen panels for the cockpit controls and monitors, as well as GPS, digital charts, radar, sonar and a full galley.

The Sport Yacht was constructed with a mix of traditional yacht building techniques and hand-laid woven carbon fiber cloth and composite carbon fiber reinforced plastics used in the LFA supercar. These techniques not only improved the overall strength of the Sport Yacht, but reduced drag at high speeds and saved more than 2,000 pounds.

For such an exquisitely designed project, Lexus couldn’t call on just any lighting manufacturer. The exacting standards of Luxury on display in this Sport Yacht concept required a company similarly dedicated to precision and excellence.

Lexus called on Lumitec because their deep technical expertise, extensive resources, and on-site manufacturing make them uniquely qualified to deliver custom solutions to customers with demanding technical requirements. The Luxury Lexus Sport Yacht Concept stands as a testament to the commitment to excellence that make Lexus and Lumitec acknowledged leaders in their respective fields.

Learn more about lighting and the possibilities of customization at

For more on the partnership:

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Light Up Below, The SeaBlazeX Spectrum LED Underwater Light

Our customers asked for full color underwater lights, and we delivered. Lumitec expands the best-selling underwater light line with the full-color RGB SeaBlazeX Spectrum! Spectrum delivers 2 to 3 times the “dollars per lumen” value as all other full color underwater lights, with the same reliability, quality, and support that has made SeaBlaze the top selling LED underwater light in its class. However, Spectrum goes even further, with nearly infinite color output options and user-selectable modes, easy surface-mount, two-wire hookup and no external control boxes.

To view a detailed infographic click here.

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Own the night. The Maxillume x500

Where others make claims, Maxillume x500 delivers. 50,000 (FIFTY THOUSAND) true measured lumens. For ship board applications, fixed locations, or terrestrial vehicles, the Maxillume x500 illuminates your work space and beyond. Unlike high pressure sodium or HID, Maxillume x500 delivers clean, bright light without hot-restrike issues or work shut downs related to blown bulbs or ballasts.

Conforms to UL STD 1598, ETL Listed, fully sealed, and tested to military standards for shock and vibration.

For more information on the complete specifications download the infographic HERE

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Video: Tough Jobs Need Tough Lights. Commercial Fishing Edition

Jump on board the Jean C. fishing vessel, and power up the west coast on a test run to Seattle with Captain Harley Ethelbah. The commercial fishing industry is no yacht club and the Gulf of Alaska is one of the toughest environments on the planet. The men and women who work there are a breed apart. There is no time or latitude for guesswork, you need to know what you are doing and that the equipment you use will perform without failure, no questions asked. In extreme marine environments such as these, heavy duty LED lighting is a must.

LED is now affordable and on so many levels is superior to the traditional lighting sources. When failure is not an option, then there is only one choice, Lumitec!

Featured Lumitec LED lights: Maxillume h120 and Maxillume x500

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LEDs Bring More Options to the Marine Industry

In the past, affordable lighting options for recreational and commercial applications offered low utility. The available options consisted of high-pressure sodium, halogen, fluorescent, and HID lights. Today’s newer advancements bring an array of better lighting options!

Naturally, advanced technology hits the market priced high, but eventually the prices begin to fall. According to Mick McDonald, marketing manager at Lumitec, “The initial investment of LED is still more expensive than traditional light sources; however, that margin is getting chipped away every day with more efficient manufacturing processes and better performing LEDs at lower cost, in the long term LED is now a better return on your investment.”

The team at Lumitec keeps their eyes on developing lighting for extreme environments. With an interdisciplinary understanding of electromechanical, thermal, and optical principles, their team develops and manufactures LED lighting products with exceptional performance. Thus, Lumitec offer improved quality and reliability.

LED lighting produces an ultra-bright light for its compact size. It provides a more versatile light source without the issues of traditional lighting, is more efficient with a lower amp draw and shock and vibration resistant. As prices have become affordable LED provides more reliability, more versatility and is practically maintenance free.

Let’s look at the traditional light sources.

Incandescent Lamps

Incandescent lamps are cheap to produce, but inefficient. The lamp produces light by heating a metal filament. It converts most of the electricity (~95%) to heat instead of light, wasting heat. The life span is 750-1000 hours. Turning the light on or off reduces its life.

Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps convert electricity into light more efficiently than incandescent lamps do. They produce light by stimulating the mercury vapor with electricity inside the lamp to produce ultraviolet light. Fluorescent lamps last longer, up to 10,000 hours. They exceed about 100 lumens per watt compared to the 16 lumens of the incandescent lamps.

High-pressure discharge (HID) lamps

Some of the most powerful outdoor lights are high-pressure discharge (HID) lamps. These lamps often illuminate shops, parking lots, stadiums, warehouses, arenas, and other large facilities. HIDs contain pressurized gas, such as mercury, sodium, argon, krypton, neon, or xenon, in a tube inside the lamp. The gas acts as a conductor inside the tube. Electrons circulate between the electrodes in the electric field; and the gas molecules, emitting energy in the form of radiation, emit light. Some of these lamps reach temperatures as high as 3000° C (5400° F) and can be made in smaller sizes to reduce the intense discharge.

LED advantage – Lumitec offers more than traditional lighting

Apart from the stated benefits of efficiency, reliability and no maintenance LED lighting is also programmable. This means aesthetic effects, such as changing color to set a mood or change light intensity can be programmed into the light without external control modules. Lumitec can thus accommodate the special needs of their clients. With expert engineers, their staff can design solutions that combine software, thermal management, usability, materials science, optical systems, embedded control circuit design, and power supplies to work in the most abusive environments. With cutting-edge tools, on-site manufacturing, and resources, Lumitec build the prototypes and fulfill the order. The financial savings is perhaps the biggest benefit, however. Lumitec lights perform better for longer and requires less maintenance than other light sources. They are also versatile in their applications to various industries.

Lumitec leads LED lighting for the marine industry

Lumitec’s vision drives staff selection, tool attainment, and equipment procurement. All the while, Lumitec leverages new technologies to build superior marine lighting products, making it a world leader in providing light in the marine industry. Lumitec build LED lights for the U.S. Coast Guard and for commercial fisherman to help them perform optimally even in the most extreme temperatures and with the greatest exposure to corrosive salt and moisture.

To find out more about our marine lighting solutions and how we can greatly improve your marine vessel – visit us online at

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Sailboat Lighting from Lumitec.

style=”text-align: justify; padding-top: 90px;”>You’re gliding through the water, wind in your sails, and night begins to fall. This may be where you start to think about turning in for the evening. Or, you have outfitted your sailboat with some of the huge array of LED lighting products from Lumitec that are perfect for sail boats of all sizes. Many in the boating community associate lighting in extreme marine environments with Lumitec and power boating. For those who live their lives letting the wind take them on their way, Lumitec has developed a wide array of LED products for sailboats including the Zephyr spreader light, interior down lights, courtesy and mechanical space lights, and of course the class-leading SeaBlaze series underwater lights.

To see this lighting in action, check out the video below. We caught up with the captain of a Lagoon 440 catamaran who keeps wind in his sails day and night with Lumitec LED products lighting the way.

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Be Safe, Be Seen

You’re out on the water and the sun starts to go down. It’s a long ride back to the docks. Time to turn on your lights – are you prepared? Lumitec Lighting allows you to be safe and be seen with a range of flood and spreader lights. With a combination of power and aesthetics to accent your boat perfectly, LED lighting from Lumitec creates a floating lighthouse in dark, unpredictable marine environments.

For a deeper look:

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Light Up The Night, Above and Below The Water

Lumitec LED lights shine the brightest guiding boats through extreme marine environments, but what about under the sea? Our customers have asked for the same beautiful lighting installed on their boats to also help them add flair below the water as well, and our research & development team made it happen. Through a constant dedication to innovation, Lumitec introduced the SeaBlazeX Spectrum full-color RGBW underwater lights. These lights have the same reliability as the class-leading SeaBlazeX while delivering two to three times the “dollars per lumen” value as all others. Color options are nearly infinite and can be selected and set for rotation or to one color by the user. SeaBlazeX Spectrum lights are easy to surface-mount with just a two wire hookup and require no external control boxes.

For more information, pdf-flat download the Infographic PDF file and visit 

light-up-the-night-above-and-below-the-water-3 light-up-the-night-above-and-below-the-water-2

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RGBW Full-Color Lights by Lumitec

Light up the night, light up your life on the water. Lumitec has introduced Spectrum Color ™ (full-color RGBW) to our down lights, utility lights and underwater light series. Products with Spectrum Color ™ will offer infinite color selection options along with a continuous color spectrum cycle mode, while retaining the performance, reliability and quality you expect from our product range. With RGBW Full-Color Lights, you can move through the water while setting the mood for an evening of beauty both above the water and below.

For more on this innovative technology and how it can fit with your boat, click the link:

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Lumitec Customer Satisfaction

Lumitec Lighting customers and partners talk about their satisfaction regarding the LED products both aesthetically and while in use in extreme marine environments. We hear from Shallow Sport Boats, EdgeWater Power Boats, and Intrepid Powerboats.

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