Living Lumitec: It’s About Passion

When we think of Living Lumitec, it’s about boating and marine, it’s much bigger than that. It’s about passion. We try to find people that are passionate about being an engineer. As a company one of our core driving values is to try to deliver a fulfilling, fun work environment. These things speak to not necessarily boating, these speak to the character of our employees.

We just love to be out there and together. Our fishing team is a lot of fun and that’s the point. There’s a lot of tournament teams out there and they’re hard core and they often beat us. We aren’t the most competitive fishing team, but as a team that has some pretty good anglers, a lot of fun, builds memories, tells jokes, and finds the right balance, we think we do it up right. We believe that there are things that are noble, that are right and they contribute to the overall happiness of our employees and our customers. Those are the things that matter and those are the things we are passionate about.

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