Lumitec Minute Expert: Drilling & Screwing Fiberglass

If you’re like us, you’ve mounted a lot of things on your boat over the years and had mixed results. We’re here to give you some tips that will help you mount like a pro. You want to get that new GPS or fish finder on your boat and get on out there! So you grab your drill and start drilling right? Not so fast! If you go in to the fiberglass with a regular twist drill a number of things can happen:

  • chipping from the drill bit itself
  • Gelcoat chips away during screwing

How do you get around it?

  • start with a countersink bit. Gives a nice, clean start to hole and locate it accurately.
  • Next, pick out the bit that will go through the material for your screw. Make sure you are sizing your drill bits to match your screws.
  • Screws have major and minor diameters. You want to start with a drill bit that’s about 50% between the major and minor diameters.

It’s critically important when drilling & screwing into fiberglass to select the right bit size, start with a nice counters

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