American Manufacturer – Keeping it in the USA – With Excellent Results

By marketScale | Nov 17, 2016

In today’s global economy, the United States is importing an unprecedented number of products which have been manufactured overseas. Furthermore, much of the design of those products has also moved overseas. While these scenarios may equate to some success in volume and profits, overall it has been damaging for U.S. consumers and the U.S. economy. […] Read More

Lumitec eliminates external controllers and simplifies wiring with Timed Toggle Protocol

By marketScale | Nov 15, 2016

Professional boaters know accessories and their wiring can be a true blessing or an absolute nightmare. A blessing when it is simple and easy to connect and works the way you thought it would. A nightmare when you are stuck in a hull trying to make several connections to and from various parts of a […] Read More

Promoting Innovation Through an Open Corporate Structure

By marketScale | Nov 14, 2016

Can innovation occur without market motivation? Yes, if companies allow their employees to experiment without fear of repercussions for failed explorations. Soren Kaplan, of USC’s Center for Effective Organization describes most market-driven corporate visions: “Become the number one provider of blah, blah, blah. These generic, broad-based goals might rev up sales teams, but they do […] Read More

Lumitec LED Lighting American Made

By marketScale | Nov 3, 2016

Quality is everything. When boaters are in extreme environments, lighting is of the utmost importance. When boat owners are looking for products that are both high quality and function in these environments, they turn to Lumitec. With our R&D facility and manufacturing located in Florida, we take great pride in manufacturing all our LED lighting […] Read More

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