Lumitec Pro Staff Program

Do you believe in Lumitec products enough to become an ambassador for our brand and represent us in every way possible? Lumitec Pro Staff membership is for individuals to represent our products at the highest level. Whether you are weekend warrior, pro team, internet sensation or national celebrity, there are multiple opportunities to get on board our promotional team.


Pro Staff program members are ambassadors of the Lumitec brand and will promote Lumitec products in events, tournaments, publications, TV shows for broadcast and social media. Pro Staff members qualify for substantial product discounts and free promotional items.


This program is extremely competitive and Lumitec Pro Staff memberships are limited availability positions. Please provide as much information as possible to help us determine your eligibility and Pro Staff level assignment. We will review your information, and respond if we determine you are eligible for a Lumitec Pro Staff position.Bottom of Form

Program Membership Levels

  • Platinum - Free Product Level up to $7,500 MSRP cap, with an additional 60% discount up to a maximum total of $10,000 MSRP value.
    Platinum is defined as -High brand exposure activities, TV shows (National, Statewide), Brand Ambassadors (events/shows), Social Media Influencers (high channel following 30,000+ following on FB and/or YouTube).
  • Gold - 60% discount on product up to $7,500 MSRP maximum value.
    Gold is defined as - Fishing Teams that fish more than 15 tournaments per season.
  • Silver - 40% discount up to $5,000 MSRP maximum value.
    Silver defined as - Fishing Teams that fish less than 15 tournaments per season.
  • Bronze - 30%discount up to $3,000 MSRP maximum value.
    Bronze defined as -  Charter companies and tourism-based activities that offer limited brand exposure.

All membership levels will receive free branded Pro Staff promotional items.

Note: Lumitec does not offer cash awards sponsorship as part of the Pro Staff Program.

Pro Staff Application Form

Pro Staff Application Form

How Will You Promote Lumitec?

Fill in only the sections that apply to you.

Media Exposure - TV/Radio/Print/Social Media Influencer

Required 30,000+ followers/viewers/readers of more to qualify for this section.

Event Brand Ambassador

Event Brand Ambassador are individuals who attend shows/events on behalf of a brand and display and or demo products.

Fishing Team

Open to all fishing teams regardless of team size or tournament placement results.

Charter Business

This section applies to companies that are involved in fishing charters or boat charters for tourism purpose.
Business Address

Social Media Channels

It is very important to Lumitec that you are active on some social media channels. Please complete this section in full.
By submitting this form Pro Staff members hereby agree to all of the guidelines listed (see terms of Pro Staff link below) for the Lumitec Pro Staff Program. Failure to comply with any of the agreed terms may result in termination from the Lumitec Pro Staff Program.
Click Terms of Pro Staff to review terms page.

All levels require photographic proof of product installation and application of decals and stickers on your boats and trailers and/or vehicles. No gifting, reselling or third part purchasing of any Lumitec Pro Staff products is permitted and will result in termination of membership. Note: all product purchase will be directly through Lumitec and not through retail or distribution channels.