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Living Lumitec: It’s About Passion

When we think of Living Lumitec, it’s about boating and marine, it’s much bigger than that. It’s about passion. We try to find people that are passionate about being an engineer. As a company one of our core driving values is to try to deliver a fulfilling, fun work environment. These things speak to not necessarily boating, these speak to the character of our employees.

We just love to be out there and together. Our fishing team is a lot of fun and that’s the point. There’s a lot of tournament teams out there and they’re hard core and they often beat us. We aren’t the most competitive fishing team, but as a team that has some pretty good anglers, a lot of fun, builds memories, tells jokes, and finds the right balance, we think we do it up right. We believe that there are things that are noble, that are right and they contribute to the overall happiness of our employees and our customers. Those are the things that matter and those are the things we are passionate about.

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Lumitec: Outshining the Competition On Both Land and Sea

Some of the hardest jobs in the world’s most oppressive environments require carefully engineered tools – tools that won’t fail or underperform when the going gets tough. Lumitec is a market leading manufacturer of LED solutions for the world’s most rugged machines and vehicles. From a small startup to a leading international LED lighting manufacturer, Lumitec is committed to expanding and innovating LED solutions to meet a growing demand across diverse sectors on both land and sea.

Lumitec is rapidly expanding, and has recently acquired a new heavy equipment customer with unique terrestrial lighting challenges. Peterson Corp. has been an Oregon corporation since 1981. The company began as Wilbur Peterson & Sons, a heavy construction company. Peterson expanded into manufacturing to develop equipment to suit their land-clearing and construction needs. The Model DD 4800, a portable Delimber-Debarker, was designed first. The Model DDC 5000, a portable Delimber-Debarker-Chipper, was developed next, followed by other portable equipment for the paper pulp industry. These machines are used in massive jobs from forestry to hurricane cleanup. Due to the large nature of these machines and job types, extreme vibrations and wet environments are common.

Lumitec has engineered an elite series of scene/flood lights with performance surpassing all other lights in their class. Engineered to perform exceptionally well under the harshest conditions, and eclipsing the output of traditional halogens, the General Area Location (GAI) light, featuring a IP67-compliant body, repels water to reduce corrosive effects on critical components. Constructed with high-quality cast metal and aluminum housings, Lumitec’s lighting solutions are designed to withstand the world’s toughest conditions. They are loaded with features, including multiple color output, dimming, and flashing options for high visibility in emergency situations and heavy weather conditions. Lumitec scene/flood lights consistently outperform and outlast the competition.

Peterson needed lights that could handle high vibration, high usage, and wet/damp environments. Nothing on the market is more durable and reliable than Lumitec’s lightweight CapriLT LED Flood Lights. These lights were specially chosen for use on two product lines, the 4710D Grinder, and 3310 Drum Chipper, due to their compact size and exceptional performance. Peterson was so impressed with the durability of Lumitec’s products that they will now be using them on all new product lines. Peterson will also be using Lumitec’s cab down lights in the interior of their truck cabs. Along with over 200+ marine OEMs, Peterson made the commitment to use the world’s most dependable and durable LED systems.

In the harshest conditions, Lumitec lights are at their best. Originally engineered for use on marine vessels in the roughest of seas, Lumitec’s driving lights are designed to perform in the harshest weather. Functional, durable and incorporating the most advanced technology, they work at lower operating temperatures while consuming less power.

To learn more about Lumitec and how they are helping improve operations in the world’s toughest environments, visit

Photos courtesy of Peterson Corp

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I’m A Boater

Boating is about being self-sufficient and saying, “I can do this.”

Boaters are the guys who get in and get their hands dirty. I’m a boater. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sport fish, a center console, or a skiff. Boaters are the guys who fix the pump when it breaks, boaters are the guys who check the oil, who get in and get their fingernails dirty. But that’s all part of the experience. It’s the whole package and with that whole package you really get true engagement.

You really can say, “This is mine and I have mastered this.”

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Living Lumitec: Salt Water Savvy

When you walk down those docks, you’re going to find people, and you’re going to quickly assess if they’re salty like you. You’re going to know if they’re a someone who just got a boat, and are kind of feeling the ropes or if they’ve been at sea for 30 years. If they’ve been at sea for 30 years, then you know they’ve been in the thick of it.

It seems like everyone has their war stories, and if you’re at sea long enough you’re going to accumulate a couple of your own. When something goes wrong, and you’re out there on your own, do you know what to do? Will you be the one who keeps a clear head? It’s about focus, preparation, and experience. It’s called being saltwater savvy. Click on the video to see what that looks like.

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Living Lumitec: Reel Life

Living Lumitec means you believe that a successful day on the water is any day you leave the dock and you come back and the only bad thing that you got is a sunburn. We are avid deep sea fishermen, so we know that the interaction between man, fish, and the ocean is almost hard to describe. It’s an anticipation and it’s a building of excitement until the fish comes… or it doesn’t. It’s that thing that’s always different and unpredictable, you kind of know what to expect, but really anything can happen. Focus, intensity, preparation… everything culminates with an exciting interaction with the fish and your buddies out there with you.

Living Lumitec is, simply, a passion for the water and a love for boating. For boaters, avid fishermen, sailors, divers or anyone who lives the marine lifestyle, getting out there in the open waters feels like taking a deep breath. Connecting with the forces of nature, putting the stress of daily life in your wake and charting your own course both day and night, that’s Living Lumitec!

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