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Minute Expert 4 Lumens Part 2

We’re back with our Minute Expert series and the second half of what you need to know about lumens. Theses days a lot of products are coming with lumen measurements right on the package. While you might think this is good for, you, the consumer, but sometimes these measurements aren’t accurate and sometimes they are down right deceptive. We want to arm you with information to make you better equipped to make the right purchase decisions.

We take three flood lights built for a boat, truck or off-roader and put them through our integrating sphere to get the REAL measurements, not just what’s on the box.

Cold lumens, raw lumens, calculated lumens, these are all just terms used to skew the power of the lumenaire. What these terms mean is that the manufacturer has most likely taken the best case output and then multiplied by the number of emitters in the light and THEN scaled that number by the actual power of the entire lumenaire. This can overstate the advertised output of a light by more than 300 percent! Watch the video to learn what you need to know before purchasing!

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Minute Expert: Lumens Part 1 – What are they and how are they measured?

In the first two episodes of Minute Expert, we learned about wire size and voltage drop. Today we move on to learn about Lumens: what are they and how are they measured? Until recently this was a topic no one really talked about. Lumens are a measurement of a total luminous output of a fixture, not the light intensity or light utility.

LED has widely varying outputs so it’s very important to understand what you’re getting and what you need. Many products today have lumen measurements on the package, but they aren’t always accurate. However they can’t really tell you light intensity and and how brightly an object will be illuminated when pointed at it.

Lumitec’s optic lab is complete with an integrating sphere which allows us enclose the light in an extremely reflective sphere. The light is captured and directed to a sensor which ensures the measurements are accurate and repeatable. Everything matters in these tests including set up, operating environment, and even temperature of the room.

Lumitec adhere’s to strict industry LM79 standards to insure our testing is accurate.

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Performance. Reliability. Quality. What will you discover out there once the sun goes down? Turn on the Sea Blaze Underwater LEDs and find out what happens with you Live Brighter.


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