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ICON 4x4s Partner with Lumitec for Incredible Interior Lighting Design

In today’s world, industrial auto producers have abandoned fine craftsmanship and authenticity through mass production. ICON, however, is exclusively dedicated to crafting vehicles that inspire!


In the tradition of hand-built motor vehicles such as Bentley Mulliner, Facel Vega, and Pegaso, ICON focuses on creating rolling artistic masterpieces that are designed to last for decades. Without cutting a single corner, and through meticulous attention to detail, these wonders on wheels are assembled using only the highest quality, premium components. And when ICON set out to attain this same level of quality in lighting accessories for their custom builds, they turned to Lumitec to deliver a one-of-a-kind lighting experience.

One of our most popular builds are our ICON BR’s, restored and heavily modified vintage Ford Broncos,” explains Jonathan Ward, founder of ICON. “We often source quality content from well beyond the usual automotive suppliers to elevate our design and quality. Lumitec is part of what makes our products distinct.”

By partnering with Lumitec, ICON delivers a unique interior experience through a sleek lighting solution that is both functional and hardy. The cast stainless steel half-round housings which provide a stylish and durable exterior to the high performance LED bulbs held within, made the Lumitec Andros LED lights the ideal choice in ICON’s revamped Ford Broncos. This collaborative relationship between ICON and Lumitec has resulted in a jaw-dropping interior illumination scheme that delivers optimal lighting performance with superior longevity, and provides a unique ambiance that sets ICON further apart from the rest of the pack.

As with all of our sourcing challenges, we find so many brands focus on value engineering over quality engineering and manufacture,” says Ward. “Brands like Lumitec stand out as one of the few that care and develop quality products designed to perform and last! When you care more about quality than buying the cheapest possible solution, consider Lumitec!

ICON 4x4s are truly in a class of their own. Conceptualized with an eye towards classic styling, but with the power and handling of modern performance, ICON is unrelenting in their pursuit of perfection. And with such common goals at the forefront of their respective company’s objectives, the partnership between Lumitec and ICON was truly an organic thing.

Quality knows quality, and all over the world, Lumitec lighting products are sought out by professionals and enthusiasts who put quality at the top of their priority list. Whether for vehicles, marine vessels, terrestrial applications, or custom solutions, Lumitec’s team of experts deliver premium lighting products that are designed to amaze and built to last.

Learn more about Lumitec interior lighting quality by visiting us online today!

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Lumitec Minute Expert: IP Ratings – What Are They?

IP stands for Ingress Protection and is an international standard for many electronic devices, but what is it really? Learn more about IP ratings and how to better understand what they mean.

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Lumitec Minute Expert: Drilling & Screwing Fiberglass

If you’re like us, you’ve mounted a lot of things on your boat over the years and had mixed results. We’re here to give you some tips that will help you mount like a pro. You want to get that new GPS or fish finder on your boat and get on out there! So you grab your drill and start drilling right? Not so fast! If you go in to the fiberglass with a regular twist drill a number of things can happen:

  • chipping from the drill bit itself
  • Gelcoat chips away during screwing

How do you get around it?

  • start with a countersink bit. Gives a nice, clean start to hole and locate it accurately.
  • Next, pick out the bit that will go through the material for your screw. Make sure you are sizing your drill bits to match your screws.
  • Screws have major and minor diameters. You want to start with a drill bit that’s about 50% between the major and minor diameters.

It’s critically important when drilling & screwing into fiberglass to select the right bit size, start with a nice counters

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