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Shining A New Light On Lumitec

The Lumitec “L” brand identity has been a stable fixture in the marine lighting market since the company’s inception in 2007, the face of a brand with a reputation built on performance, reliability, and quality. In March of 2019, the company entered a new phase of its evolution when it was acquired by Clarience Technologies, an exceptional company with a long track record of leading subsidiary lighting brands in their family, including Rigid Industries and Truck-Lite Co. LLC. So what better timing than now, to refresh the face of this iconic brand as Lumitec moves forward into an exciting new era as one of the world’s premier marine lighting companies. Lumitec will be rolling out its new brand identity starting June of 2020.

Chris Fulmer, Lumitec VP, and General Manager said, “Our focus on innovation and the commitment to deliver value to our customers has allowed us to build the Lumitec brand to what it is today. It will be with the same commitment and dedication to our customers that will drive us to continue to evolve our technologies, products, and services as we move forward into this exciting new partnership for Lumitec”.

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Lumitec Wins DAME Design Award

Lumitec is pleased to announce they have received a 2019 METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) DAME award for new product innovation in the category of “Interior equipment, furnishings, materials and electrical fittings used in cabins” with the all-new Moray Flex Light. The Moray Flex Light is the only RGBW flex light in the world to have both an internal driver and an internal color/output controller. This means that Moray can be connected directly to a 2-wire DC electrical system, allowing color and dimming control with any standard on/off switch and with no external driver.


Competition in the category was strong and included Lumishore’s Lumi-Link Wireless System, a competitor of the Lumitec Poco Digital Lighting Control System. Lumitec also picked up a IBEX “Best In Show” innovation award in 2017 for the groundbreaking PLI (Power Line Instruction) technology behind their Poco system.


The DAME Design Award is the most significant marine equipment competition of its kind, anywhere in the world. For 29 years, it has focused attention on the art and science of design in all aspects, from styling, functionality, and innovation, through to ease of implementation, the practicality of use – and even packaging. It is judged by a panel of top naval architects, boat, interior and industrial designers, plus user experts. To be nominated and then to win a DAME Category marks a product as being at the pinnacle of design practice in the industry.




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A New Partnership in Extreme Lighting

It’s been another fast-paced year of growth and evolution for Lumitec, one of the marine industry’s leading designers and manufacturers of extreme-environment LED lighting and control solutions. The company in April was acquired by Truck-Lite Co., LLC, a worldwide leader in heavy-duty and off-road lighting, telematics, engine protection, safety and visibility systems.  The partnership forges an alliance not only with Truck-Lite but also with Rigid Industries, which was acquired by Truck-Lite in 2015.


In discussing the relationship, John Kujawa, founder and president of Lumitec said the partnership brings synergies of product, technology, manufacturing, and distribution – key areas for fulfilling the company’s core goal of delivering exceptional value to their customers.


“It’s a very exciting time for us within Lumitec,” said Kujawa.  “Suddenly we have access to a true treasure-trove of resources around manufacturing, sourcing, operations and fulfillment.  What’s more, in Rigid we’ve found a team of engineers who have rigorously pursued performance and reliability in the off-road world as passionately as we have within marine.  We’ve already been able to leverage this deep and relevant expertise.


Lumitec’s management stays in place with Kujawa remaining as a shareholder in the company and continuing as president. Overall, customers will see very little impact of this partnership in the short term. However, over time Lumitec expects to leverage greater economies of scale in vendor negotiations and manufacturing, while incorporating ever more sophisticated technologies.


Kujawa said Lumitec will continue to operate independently, offering the same level of customer service and product support to the market. “This is not a merger but rather a strategic alliance as we are now sister companies under the Truck-lite corporate umbrella,” said Kujawa. “ Lumitec and Rigid Industries will remain the same and operate as before.”


Contact your account manager for more details.

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Lumitec Joins the Truck-Lite Family

Lumitec LLC, a leading designer and manufacturer of extreme environment LED lighting solutions has announced their official partnership with Truck-Lite Co., LLC.


“We see in Truck-Lite a partner with a strong philosophical alignment around technology and customer service, combined with deep technical resources and a massive market presence. We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership,” said John Kujawa, Lumitec’s founder and president. “Our relationship with Truck-Lite expands our sales reach, broadens our access to suppliers and technologies and strengthens our ability to achieve our overarching goal of delivering exceptional value to our customers.”


Truck-Lite Co., LLC, a worldwide leader in heavy-duty and off-road lighting, telematics, engine protection, safety and visibility systems, employs 3,000 worldwide at ten manufacturing plants in the US, Mexico, and the UK, and today serves more than 4,000 OEM, fleet, and distribution customers. Truck-Lite offers Lumitec access to deep technical resources, global distribution, and strong supplier relationships.


“Lumitec’s reputation speaks for itself as one of the most trusted lighting suppliers among both boat OEMs and end users,” said Brian Kupchella, Truck-Lite CEO. “Combining Lumitec and Truck-Lite allows us to take advantage of each other’s distribution networks and share technology, helping Truck-Lite to expand into different markets while staying true to our core business.”


Lumitec management will remain in place with founder, John Kujawa, remaining a significant shareholder in the company and will continue to serve as company President. Overall, customers should expect to see very little impact of this partnership in the short term and over time Lumitec expects to be able to leverage greater economies of scale in vendor negotiations and manufacturing, while incorporating ever more sophisticated technologies.


The evolution in Lumitec’s quest to deliver exceptional value to our customers continues.



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ABA Names Lumitec as Preferred Supplier of Choice.

Lumitec has been officially awarded the ABA Preferred Supplier of Choice award for Marine Underwater Lighting effective January 1, 2019 and extending to June 30, 2022.


In November of 2018 after a very competitive RFP process involving several leading marine lighting manufactures, the American Boatbuilders Association (ABA), a nineteen-member buying group, selected Lumitec as their primary preferred supplier of marine underwater lighting.


Lumitec, one of the world’s leading marine light manufactures supplies over 200+ OEM builders with marine lighting, 67 of those with underwater lighting and has shipped over 49,000 underwater light units in 2018 alone. A reputation of performance and quality with a strong working relationship and high customer satisfaction rating with a number of the ABA member companies were contributing factors in the final decision.

“This award validates Lumitec’s market-leading position in marine lighting and particularly in underwater lights. Our unique ability to light the entire boat, from underwater lights to spreader and bar lights to down and courtesy lights, and even navigation and anchor lights, all with 100% color-matching, allows boat builders to consolidate vendors and choose a single lighting supplier – saving money and improving product consistency.” Said Carmen Marchionni, Lumitec Global Sales Director


The American Boatbuilders Association is a coalition of 19 leading independent US boat manufacturers. ABA member companies have approximately 5,000 employees in the United States, with 15 facilities in 9 states. ABA companies produce more than 15% of all the boats above 16′ built in America.



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Scout Boats Teams with Lumitec for 2019

Scout Boats design and manufacture world-class luxury boats, packed with timeless innovations, technology, and trendsetting features. Their commitment to quality and performance shows in the meticulous attention to detail in their products and is also reflected in the products they choose to place on their boats. It is for this reason Scout selected Lumitec as their primary lighting supplier for all their 2019 models.


“Lumitec offers us the ability to provide to our customers the most efficient, sleek, and reputable name in the marine primary lighting market today” Said Alan Lang, Director of Sales and Marketing for Scout Boats Inc. “Our customers demand the very best and Lumitec helps us to deliver that to them”.



Lumitec down lighting, accent lighting, flood/spreader lighting, and utility lighting products will be featured on the complete Scout line-up for 2019 models. Scout is the latest in a long line of boat manufacturers that have adopted Lumitec as their primary lighting supplier, demonstrating their commitment to delivering quality to their customers.



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Lumitec Makes Inc. 5000 List for the 7th Consecutive Year!

Today, August 15, 2018, Lumitec is announced as an honoree on the 2018 Inc. 5000 list.


For the seventh consecutive year, Lumitec has been ranked by Inc. Magazine as an honoree on their Inc. 5000, America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies list. From our initial Inc. 500 ranking in 2012 to this year’s Inc. 5000 ranking (#4869), Lumitec as a company and a brand has grown steadily from our inception in 2007 to today, with an international reputation as one of the top market-leading brands in marine LED lighting.


“Lumitec is very proud to once again be listed by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies, for the 7th consecutive year” said Mick McDonald, Lumitec’s Marketing Manager, “As a company we understand the need to constantly evolve and adapt as we develop new products in anticipation of  market needs, and this is reflected in our consistent ranking by Inc. Magazine”


Lumitec products are used on over 200+ OEM manufactures of the finest boats and yachts in the world. Our floodlight and utility light products are relied upon by firemen, EMTs, police officers, US Special Forces, agricultural and industrial customers worldwide, who rely on Lumitec’s durability and quality to ensure safety and efficiency.




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EdgeWater Boats Partners with Lumitec for all 2019 Models

EdgeWater boats have developed a reputation as one of the most discerning boat manufacturers in the industry. All materials are carefully selected and built scrutinizing every detail, resulting in boats that last longer and hold their value over time. This commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in the company decision to partner with Lumitec as the main lighting supplier for the 2019 model year.


“We are known for our high quality, build and construction process, and that’s no different for any of the accessories we choose to put on our boats.” Said Daniel Robinson, EdgeWater Dealer Development Manager. “The reason we chose Lumitec as a partner is because of the product quality and excellent customer service, they truly stand out from all the competition and we are very impressed by their products.”


Lumitec down lighting, accent lighting, flood/spreader lighting and underwater lighting products will be featured on the complete EdgeWater line-up for 2019 models.


Watch video:

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Lumitec Wins Fisheries Supply’s 2017 Innovation Award

Lumitec’s Maxillume tr150 and x500 has won Fisheries Supply’s 2017 InNEWvation Award in their Lighting Category. The awards were announced during the annual industry party in conjunction with Pacific Marine Expo, hosted by Fisheries Supply at Safeco Field, Seatle WA.

Fisheries Supply Innovation Award Program is judged by industry expert from the marine media, brokers, retailers, builders and boatyard sectors. Awards were given to products that differentiated from the competition, provide value and fill a need in the boating industry.

“We are Proud to receive this award form Fisheries Supply and really appreciate all they have done for our company in building awareness, and representing us in a most professional and credible way.” said John Kujawa, Lumitec company president.

The Maxillume x500  and tr150 flood lights are specifically designed for commercial applications. Both deliver high output (x500 at 50,000 lumens and the tr150 at 20,000 lumens true measured lumens). For ship board applications or fixed dock locations, the fully sealed, and tested to military standards for shock and vibration Maxillume series illuminates your work space and beyond. Unlike high pressure sodium or HID, Maxillume x500 and tr150 deliver clean, bright light without hot-restrike issues or work shut downs related to blown bulbs or ballasts.

Find out more about the Maxillume series of flood lights >





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Lumitec – 10 Years of Shining Brightly

South Florida based Lumitec Lighting this month celebrates a significant milestone as they enter their 10th year in business.


Lumitec was founded in November 2007 with the explicit strategy of being, first and foremost, an innovative product development company.  This ‘product-first’ approach has yielded rapid growth as a result of wide market appeal, with sales increases exceeding triple digits in many years.


Initially focused primarily on marine lighting, the company has a consistently introduced innovative, extremely reliable, ‘Made in the USA’ products year after year.  Today Lumitec is generally regarded as the leader in several of the markets they serve.


“Our success is partly the result of hard work, focus, determination, and a little luck.  But above all else our talented and devoted team is what has gotten us to where we are today,” said company founder and president John Kujawa.  “Our company values center around delivering exceptional value to our customers while offering a stimulating, fulfilling, fun work environment to our employees.  It seems to be an effective combination, and one to which we remain committed.”


In addition to strong sales and brand growth, Lumitec’s achievements include accolades among customers, peers in the industry, and government.  Recently Kujawa received the Governor’s Ambassador for Entrepreneurship award from Florida Governor Rick Scott.  In September of this year the National Marine


Manufacturers Association awarded the company the prestigious “Innovation Award” for their novel communication technology.  Lumitec has also received various product and support awards from the largest distributors and builders in the industry.


Lumitec products are used on many of the finest boats and yachts in the world. Their scene lights and interior lights are relied upon by firemen, EMTs, and police officers. Lumitec high-powered flood lights and NVG (Night Vision Goggle compatible) lights are used by US Special Forces, and agricultural and industrial customers rely on Lumitec’s durability and quality to ensure safety and efficiency.


In just 10 years Lumitec has evolved from a small startup company to a market-leading international brand name and is considered my many of their customers to produce the world’s best marine LED lighting products. Today, the future is certainly looking bright for Lumitec.

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Lumitec PLI Technology Wins Coveted 2017 IBEX Innovation Award

Lumitec is no stranger to ground breaking innovation, form our industry-leading advances in powerful, economical surface mount underwater lights to the revolutionary TTP (Time Toggled Protocol) light control technology, which has been adopted as an industry standard. 2017 will be remembered as yet another milestone in Lumitec innovation history with the introduction our PLI (Power Line Instruction) technology. Winner of a prestigious 2017 IBEX Innovation Award PLI is an innovative, proprietary communication protocol used to send control or configuration instructions to Lumitec luminaires over the standard power wires. These messages can instruct the luminairs to change color, change intensity, ‘go-to’ pre-set outputs, initiate flash, pattern, ‘listen’ or other output modes, or invoke application-specific behaviors. The protocol is executed over typical 2-wire (power and ground) connection to the luminaire.  In addition to advanced control of individual luminaires, multiple luminaires can be controlled as groups, for example, Cabin, T-top, Floods, Downlights etc. As a result, multiple virtual circuits can be created from a single hardwired circuit, allowing manufacturers to customize lighting control for customers from a single wiring plan. PLI does not require any additional wiring to a typical vessel’s rigging plan which utilizes a compatible digital switching system. As PLI is designed to operate on a 2-wire system, it is cost effective and simple for boat builders to deploy.


The Innovation Awards honored achievement in product development in 10 areas of the marine industry. Winners were selected by a panel of judges from Boating Writers International (BWI), a professional organization consisting of writers, editors, publishers, photographers, broadcasters, and communications professionals associated with the boating industry.


“These awards signify the importance that innovation plays in our industry, and IBEX is honored to recognize these key innovators and their products that keep the boating industry at the forefront of cutting edge trends,” said Anne Dunbar, IBEX show director. “With more than 95 product entries, competition was tight and the winners chosen from our top-tier panel of BWI judges represent the best the industry has to offer, all of which can be viewed along Innovation Way throughout the Show.”



“This year the entries reflected many of the changing consumer trends and expectations of today’s boating lifestyle. Competition reached new levels, and many product innovations were designed for easier user interface,” said Alan Wendt, Chair of the Innovation Awards and Past President of Boating Writers International.


PLI technology will initially be introduced under a controlled release and will be available to select OEM partners only. For more information on this process please visit our PLI webpage HERE.

See all the 2017 IBEX Innovation Award winners>

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Jim Koza joins Lumitec team as new Director of Sales

Lumitec announced today the appointment of Jim Koza as Director of Sales at their R&D/manufacturing headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida. Jim brings to the role more than 20 years of sales experience in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.


In his new position, Jim will work closely with Lumitec’s Marketing Department, Account Management, and the company President to further strengthen relationships with current customers and cultivate new growth opportunities. Mr. Koza is a seasoned sales professional with a solid track record of increasing sales and market share throughout his career.


“I am excited to be joining the Lumitec team,” said Jim, “I look forward to contributing to the continued success of the organization.”


Prior to joining Lumitec Jim held a National Director of Sales position at Chrome Capital, Vice President of Sale and Marketing at Arena Americas and various senior management positions at Wybron and Perfect 10 Manufacturing and Distribution.


Headquartered in Delray Beach, Fla., Lumitec is an engineering and manufacturing firm solely focused on the conceptualization, development, and manufacture of high-quality, extreme environment LED lighting. Lumitec LED fixtures are designed with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the lights’ true expected life and use, combining cohesive functionality and style to guarantee superior, long-lasting products. Lumitec provides full engineering capabilities including a full electrical, mechanical, prototyping, and optics labs. Lumitec proudly conducts all of their design, testing, and manufacturing at their R&D headquarter offices in Florida.

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Lumitec Makes Inc Magazine’s List of Fastest-Growing Companies Again!

Lumitec Named to Inc Magazine’s List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Lumitec was named to Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Companies in America for the Fifth Consecutive Year with a three-year sales growth of 145 percent.  The 34th annual list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy—America’s independent entrepreneurs.  Lumitec is one of only five engineering firms to make the list on a consistent basis and the only one in their sector. With over two million dollars invested in equipment, research and technical platforms, Lumitec has pioneered technologies which shape the way users see lighting today. One technological area which sets Lumitec apart is their Timed-Toggle Protocol (TTP). Frequently emulated to the point of being an industry standard, Lumitec’s TTP is a beautifully simple engineered solution to provide sophisticated features like dimming and color change with no external control modules using any standard off-the-shelf switch.


For the fifth consecutive time, Lumitec joins companies such as Yelp, Pandora, Timberland, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, LinkedIn, Zillow, and many other well-known names gained early exposure as members of the Inc. 5000.  Since its founding by John Kujawa in 2007, Lumitec has gone from a small startup to a market leading international LED lighting manufacturer. The company continues to expand and innovate to meet a growing demand across diverse sectors on both land and sea. Today, Lumitec, which exports its lighting products to more than 30 countries, is known for its innovative lighting solutions sought by those for whom high performance and failsafe reliability are of paramount concern.


“We believe that the sale of a product represents a commitment – a commitment from the manufacturer to the purchaser, and all the way to the end user,” said John Kujawa, Lumitec’s founder and president. “Lumitec is committed to delivering performance, reliability, quality, and unparalleled support in all facets of our products and our business. Our reputation in this area among top builders, resellers, integrators and end users speaks for itself. In our tireless pursuit of excellence, we benchmark against standards, leverage best practices, and constantly innovate new techniques where necessary.”

Lumitec Receives Governor’s Business Ambassador Award

Governor Scott Awards Lumitec with Governor’s Business Ambassador Award

 On November 10, 2015 Governor Rick Scott recognized John Kujawa, Founder and President of Lumitec Lighting with the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award.


The Governor’s Business Ambassador Award is given to individuals and businesses in recognition for their dedicated work in creating jobs and opportunities for families in Florida. The governor praised John Kujawa’s dedication and innovation applied to retooling Florida’s economy.


“Florida businesses have added almost one million new jobs in less than five years and the job creators we are recognizing today are helping Florida’s economy grow.” said Governor Rick Scott. “I am honored to recognize Lumitec for their work creating jobs and look forward to their future success here in Florida.


John Kujawa, Founder and President of Lumitec Lighting, said, “Lumitec strives to deliver products of exceptional value to our great customers, and Florida has provided us with the supportive location we need to grow. On behalf of the whole Lumitec team, I am thankful to Governor Scott for recognizing our exciting success today.”


Lumitec is a product development company that is focused on the development and manufacturing of LED lighting. The company was founded in 2007 and their products are manufactured in the USA. Lumitec employs 40 Floridians, including nearly a dozen engineers, and is one of the fastest growing manufacturing companies in the U.S.