Light Up The Night, Above and Below The Water

Lumitec LED lights shine the brightest guiding boats through extreme marine environments, but what about under the sea? Our customers have asked for the same beautiful lighting installed on their boats to also help them add flair below the water as well, and our research & development team made it happen. Through a constant dedication to innovation, Lumitec introduced the SeaBlazeX Spectrum full-color RGBW underwater lights. These lights have the same reliability as the class-leading SeaBlazeX while delivering two to three times the “dollars per lumen” value as all others. Color options are nearly infinite and can be selected and set for rotation or to one color by the user. SeaBlazeX Spectrum lights are easy to surface-mount with just a two wire hookup and require no external control boxes.

For more information, pdf-flat download the Infographic PDF file and visit 

light-up-the-night-above-and-below-the-water-3 light-up-the-night-above-and-below-the-water-2

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