Sailboat Lighting from Lumitec.

style=”text-align: justify; padding-top: 90px;”>You’re gliding through the water, wind in your sails, and night begins to fall. This may be where you start to think about turning in for the evening. Or, you have outfitted your sailboat with some of the huge array of LED lighting products from Lumitec that are perfect for sail boats of all sizes. Many in the boating community associate lighting in extreme marine environments with Lumitec and power boating. For those who live their lives letting the wind take them on their way, Lumitec has developed a wide array of LED products for sailboats including the Zephyr spreader light, interior down lights, courtesy and mechanical space lights, and of course the class-leading SeaBlaze series underwater lights.

To see this lighting in action, check out the video below. We caught up with the captain of a Lagoon 440 catamaran who keeps wind in his sails day and night with Lumitec LED products lighting the way.

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