Minute Expert: Lumens Part 1 – What are they and how are they measured?

By marketScale | Jul 26, 2017

In the first two episodes of Minute Expert, we learned about wire size and voltage drop. Today we move on to learn about Lumens: what are they and how are they measured? Until recently this was a topic no one really talked about. Lumens are a measurement of a total luminous output of a fixture, […] Read More


By marketScale | Jul 26, 2017

Performance. Reliability. Quality. What will you discover out there once the sun goes down? Turn on the Sea Blaze Underwater LEDs and find out what happens with you Live Brighter. Check out the LEDs here

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Minute Expert: Wire Size and Voltage Drop Part 2- Constant Power Devices

By marketScale | May 24, 2017

In the first video on Wire Size and Voltage Drop (part one) we described why selecting the correct gauge of wire is import to ensure your electrical devices operate at their optimum capacity. In part 2 you will learn how constant power devices are effected by the choice of wire gauge.

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Lumitec Minute Expert- Wire Size & Voltage Drop Part 1

By marketScale | May 24, 2017

Introducing the all new “Minute Expert”- Lumitec is introducing a new series of information videos that will address the most common technical questions that arise when incorporating our products into your boat, vehicle or lighting project and can be viewed at The “Minute Expert” series will address everything from choosing the correct wire size […] Read More

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