Lumitec Wins DAME Design Award

Lumitec is pleased to announce they have received a 2019 METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) DAME award for new product innovation in the category of “Interior equipment, furnishings, materials and electrical fittings used in cabins” with the all-new Moray Flex Light. The Moray Flex Light is the only RGBW flex light in the world to have both an internal driver and an internal color/output controller. This means that Moray can be connected directly to a 2-wire DC electrical system, allowing color and dimming control with any standard on/off switch and with no external driver.


Competition in the category was strong and included Lumishore’s Lumi-Link Wireless System, a competitor of the Lumitec Poco Digital Lighting Control System. Lumitec also picked up a IBEX “Best In Show” innovation award in 2017 for the groundbreaking PLI (Power Line Instruction) technology behind their Poco system.


The DAME Design Award is the most significant marine equipment competition of its kind, anywhere in the world. For 29 years, it has focused attention on the art and science of design in all aspects, from styling, functionality, and innovation, through to ease of implementation, the practicality of use – and even packaging. It is judged by a panel of top naval architects, boat, interior and industrial designers, plus user experts. To be nominated and then to win a DAME Category marks a product as being at the pinnacle of design practice in the industry.




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