Poco - Updates

Poco Digital Lighting Control Firmware can be updated
periodically using the process below. MFD compatibility is also
listed and will continue to be updated as more mmanufacturers adapt Poco.


Firmware Updates

Current Firmware Version: 2.6 - RC3

Firmware update must be completed with a WiFi or Ethernet connection from a device that contains the firmware file. Contact Lumitec for latest firmware file or download above. The device used for update can be a computer, tablet or phone with Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. Standard MFDs do not have the ability to perform this upgrade.

By default Poco broadcasts as a WiFi access point (AP). The SSID is "poco-xxxx" where xxxx is a unique ID that is hardware dependent. The default Wi-Fi password is "lumitec561".

  • Open a Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser and navigate to IP address for connecting to poco (AP) (some devices may support accessing poco via http://poco.local ).
  • To access the settings menu select the gear wheel icon in upper right of screen.
  • Default maintenance pin is set to "0000".
  • Select "Upgrade Firmware from File" under the Maintenance / Users page within the configuration of Poco. Item number six below (#6).

Firmware Update Page:
Select "Choose File" (1) and navigate to the location containing the new firmware file. The file naming format will be similar to "poco-esp32-ota_xxx-xxxx.bin". The Poco contains 3 file system partitions. The first is the original file shipped with Poco under the "factory" partition. Holding the reset button while powering on will default to this partition. The firmware upgrade can go on either ota_1 or ota_2. Select "Upload to "ota_x" and apply reboot once upload has been completed. In the example above this Poco is running off of ota_2 and the upgrade would need to be applied to "ota_1". Reboot to complete the upgrade process.


Under the Expert menu (#7 above) check the FW version to confirm the firmware version is updated.

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