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Be Safe, Be Seen

You’re out on the water and the sun starts to go down. It’s a long ride back to the docks. Time to turn on your lights – are you prepared? Lumitec Lighting allows you to be safe and be seen with a range of flood and spreader lights. With a combination of power and aesthetics to accent your boat perfectly, LED lighting from Lumitec creates a floating lighthouse in dark, unpredictable marine environments.

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American Manufacturer – Keeping it in the USA – With Excellent Results

In today’s global economy, the United States is importing an unprecedented number of products which have been manufactured overseas. Furthermore, much of the design of those products has also moved overseas. While these scenarios may equate to some success in volume and profits, overall it has been damaging for U.S. consumers and the U.S. economy. When production moves overseas, so do jobs, producing a ripple effect on local economies when residents, some now unemployed, have less to spend on goods and services. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a manufacturer who hasn’t abandoned America for the sultry temptation of foreign climes.

One company that hasn’t succumbed to the siren call to farm out everything overseas, is Lumitec, an LED lighting manufacturer, based in boat-friendly Delray Beach, Florida. Lumitec products are designed, tested, and assembled at the Delray Beach facility, and many of their vital components—LEDs, circuit boards, glass, housings, wiring, hardware, adhesives,— are supplied by U.S. companies. Lumitec is very cautious about sourcing outside of the USA because they recognize not only the disadvantages of sending work overseas, but also the advantages of keeping it at home.

For some companies, sourcing overseas might lead to lower costs, but the drawbacks often outweigh the apparent savings. Quality control, for example, is an aspect that would suffer. Monitoring quality thousands of miles away in factories in countries with different laws, standards and different expectations is often troublesome and the end result is typically dissatisfaction from the customer. Very often one of the sacrifices to get to that lower cost is quality, as short cuts from suppliers and sub-suppliers are fairly common. They don’t get uncovered until they are caught, very often by the customer, when it’s too late.

Customer service also takes a hit when companies do not have real control over the design, production cycles and processes. With issues in customer service and product quality, the brand suffers and business is lost. As for the supply chain, outsourcing is vulnerable to higher shipping costs, large minimum buys, customs delays, production delays, trade taxes and high inventories that can directly affect the availability of products and generate unforeseen costs (the hidden cost of sourcing overseas). Finally, sending work overseas further erodes an already struggling U.S. economy.

In contrast, there are numerous advantages to keeping manufacturing in the U.S. A more tightly controlled supply chain is not nearly as vulnerable to the pitfalls of overseas sourcing. American manufacturing is well known for its superior quality in design and manufacture. In addition, since facilities are local, customer service is typically superior and issues can be resolved quickly. Relationships with customers are excellent as a result. Perhaps most important is that the jobs stay in the U.S., and when domestic suppliers are used, the U.S. economy further benefits.

Lumitec has enjoyed the advantages of staying in the U.S. For example, a recent collaboration with Hydrasports Custom, a boat manufacturer, led to innovations and solutions otherwise impossible had Lumitec sent its design and manufacturing overseas. Hydrasports need a headlight that could be seamlessly integrated into the bow of their 4200 Siesta and 5300 Suenos models. After just a few weeks of design, prototyping, testing, and in-house custom machining,

Lumitec presented the finished product to Hydrasports, who were extremely pleased with Lumitec’s innovation: the unique design is profoundly useful for docking, running in channels, or entering harbors at night. In the future, Lumitec will use the knowledge gained in the collaboration to develop similarly useful products for the broader market. This innovation and collaboration succeeded because Lumitec designs and manufactures all under one roof in the U.S., and not scattered across the globe.

Lumitec’s reputation for quality and innovation has made it one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the U.S. It directly employs forty-six people in Delray Beach, and supports the employment of countless other Americans through its practice of buying components for its products from U.S. companies. Over two-hundred boat manufacturers, including Intrepid Powerboats, Viking Yachts, and Boston Whaler, use Lumitec as a lighting supplier, attesting to the high quality of Lumitec’s products.

For innovative lights designed, tested, and assembled in the U.S. by a company that supports American business and creates American jobs, look to Lumitec. We are online at

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Lumitec eliminates external controllers and simplifies wiring with Timed Toggle Protocol

Professional boaters know accessories and their wiring can be a true blessing or an absolute nightmare. A blessing when it is simple and easy to connect and works the way you thought it would. A nightmare when you are stuck in a hull trying to make several connections to and from various parts of a system, then it doesn’t work and you have to go back in. No matter what you do, boat accessories and their wiring will also be exposed to damaging elements including salt air, moisture, vibration, electrical noise, wind, sunlight, and chemicals throughout their life cycle.

The salt air alone is enough to corrode and render most wire connections inoperable,” said Hank Johnson in Louisiana Sportsman. “Boat bilges can be contaminated with fuel, grease and other chemicals that will eat away at your wires. It is extremely important that you purchase quality marine switches, wire, terminals and all other superior components for your accessory system.

One way to mitigate the degrading effects of the elements is to have fewer things that could go wrong. Keep things simple and reduce the amount of accessories and wiring needed. Lumitec Lighting has eliminated the need for external controllers with simple wiring for their lights. In many cases you can retain the original wiring system and control colors, dimming, and other functionality such as strobing effects with a simple toggle switch. This is made possible by their proven Timed Toggle Protocol (TTP) technology. TTP enabled lights make it possible to provide sophisticated lighting features without the need for additional external control modules. Using this one-of-a-kind innovation, you can sidestep the entire process of rewiring by using Lumitec lights with TTP. TTP uses simple brief off/on toggle of your switch to control your lights.

Many boat lighting solutions come with bulky control modules that are expensive, takes up precious space, could be highly confusing to wire, and can require more wiring and connections, and are thus expensive to install. Lumitec’s TTP allows for an easy to install option, with simply the two power wires, making it easy to use and integrate with the boat’s existing wiring system.

TTP is Lumitec’s innovative solution for offering the end user the ability to dim lights, change colors, or invoke other cool features using a standard two wire hook up,” said John Kujawa, President of Lumitec. “Installation is just like any other marine light: red to red and black to black. Any normal on/off switch can be used to control the light.

Lumitec has grown from a small start up in 2007 to a market leading international LED lighting manufacturer because of its dedication to meeting high performance and reliability demands with innovative solutions. Their products are now found on many of the finest boats and yachts in the world because of this dedication to performance, attention to aesthetics, and ease of use.

The dimming of a Lumitec TTP enabled light is pretty easy,” Kujawa said. “The light is turned on and it ramps intensity over the course of about three seconds. If nothing else is done, that peak intensity will be held until the light is turned off. If the user wishes for a less intense light, they can dim the output by interrupting that ramp. You can turn the light off and immediately back on and the light intensity will be held wherever it was interrupted by the brief off/on toggle.

Color change is also really easy. The user simply turns the light off and on, quickly. Each quick, off/on toggle cycles the light to its next available color.

Because the lights require nothing more than a simple two wire hookup and require no external control boxes to support the changes, TTP enabled lights can be easily retrofitted into an older system without rewiring. New boat manufacturers can streamline the lighting installation process by saving on both supply cost and installer time while also conserving space onboard. With fewer parts to deal with, there is less risk of component failure while still providing extensive functionality.

While many manufacturers continue to use large control boxes for their lighting solutions, or are attempting to integrate complicated Bluetooth or WiFi technology into lighting control, TTP offers a beautifully simple solution immediately capable of integrating into new or older systems with no learning curve. More than 200 boat manufacturing clients that include, Intrepid Powerboats, Contender, Grady White, Edge Water Power Boats, Viking Yachts, and Boston Whaler to name a few, are using Lumitec lights with TTP technology.

Lumitec’s TTP technology changes the boat lighting game with a quick, easy solution that will fit into even the tightest of spaces without additional equipment or expensive rewiring endeavors. With fewer components and wires to connect, there are less opportunities for incorrect connections and their associated frustrations and damage from the elements, resulting in a more reliable but simply elegant solution. Lumitec’s pursuit of innovation is constantly pushing the boundaries of LED lighting technology, right here in the USA at their development lab at Delray Beach, Florida.

If you’d like to see more of how Lumitec is changing the LED lighting game, visit

Promoting Innovation Through an Open Corporate Structure

Can innovation occur without market motivation? Yes, if companies allow their employees to experiment without fear of repercussions for failed explorations. Soren Kaplan, of USC’s Center for Effective Organization describes most market-driven corporate visions:

Become the number one provider of blah, blah, blah. These generic, broad-based goals might rev up sales teams, but they do little to spark ingenuity.

In other words, when sales is the sole emphasis of a company, engineering and design are left behind, leading to a lack of innovation.

To encourage ingenuity, companies must create a culture of innovation from the top down. In the best-case scenario, the bulk of activity – planning, sales, engineering, manufacturing – all take place in one building. To maximize sharing of ideas, the top person, the president or CEO, must be accessible to the new hire on the assembly line. Engineers and sales people should be able to interact freely with each other to suggest improvements. Machinists should be able to confer with the R&D team regarding better ways to fabricate parts. Further, the company should encourage future-thinking experimentation by designers.

Lumitec, a leading international LED lighting manufacturer, fits this description. Named to INC Magazine’s “500 Fastest Growing Companies” in 2012 and their INC 5000 list for the last 4 consecutive years, Lumitec credits its culture of innovation for its success. As with any successful company, the impetus starts at the top.

John Kujawa, Lumitec’s president, is the spark behind Lumitec’s achievements. An avid boater and engineer, Kujawa has a natural knack for tinkering and improving things. He understands that most innovation does not come from following a certain segment of the market, but from looking at a product and finding a way to improve it. The market will respond to innovation. Mick McDonald, Lumitec’s Marketing Manager, describes Kujawa as “… an engineer at heart who lives and breathes the mechanics of everything. This, paired with his avid love for boating, created the perfect storm for him to see a niche in the market at the advent of LED technology going mainstream.” This forward thinking approach has made Lumitec the one of the fastest-growing manufacturing companies in the U.S. and a supplier of LED lighting to over 200 boat manufacturers, including Intrepid Powerboats, Viking Yachts, and Boston Whaler.

Kujawa’s propensity for innovation and improvement is evident in Lumitec’s iconoclastic corporate culture. Pairing the brightest engineers with a state of the art manufacturing facility in Florida, Kujawa provides his engineers with the space and freedom to experiment with new ideas. Called “play,” this experimentation often results in ideas that never make it to market. To Kujawa, a few failed experiments are not just expected, but necessary for the development of new technology.

Kujawa has opted for an “open structure” form of internal organization. Because all of the important activities are under one roof in an open-door system, assemblers can freely speak to designers to work out problems or suggest improvements. Likewise, salespeople have no qualms about sharing ideas with the people in Production. This crossing of lines in the hierarchy can naturally lead to creating a community of cooperative imagination. No doors are closed to employee interaction. In fact, a central conference room, called the Mosh Pit, is glass walled so that everyone can see what is going on. This unique room, combined with open workspaces instead of offices and enclosed cubicles, accelerates idea sharing and collaboration and leads to innovation that otherwise might not have occurred. Customers who visit the facility are pleased to find that the design team is in close communication with every department involved in the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, the company plans meetings outside of the workplace – fresh environments like beaches, go-kart tracks, and even pinball competitions – where self-critiquing takes place and everyone can offer ideas about how to improve the company and its products. The “Team Lumitec” atmosphere of communication is further promoted by Kujawa, who regularly eats lunch in the lunch area alongside his employees.

With a president at the helm who is always open to ideas and suggestions and a design team that is encouraged to innovate, it’s no wonder that Lumitec is the leader in LED technology for marine applications. While Lumitec’s products are not always the cheapest, they are widely accepted as class-leading for their advanced features, higher outputs, remarkable reliability, and ease of installation.

Want to know more about Lumitec’s lighting solutions and how their innovation can dramatically improve your lighting needs? Visit online at

Lumitec LED Lighting American Made

Quality is everything. When boaters are in extreme environments, lighting is of the utmost importance. When boat owners are looking for products that are both high quality and function in these environments, they turn to Lumitec.

With our R&D facility and manufacturing located in Florida, we take great pride in manufacturing all our LED lighting for our partners and having those parts there when they need them the most.

Lumitec and Partners at IBEX

We were able to speak to the owners of several boat manufacturers at IBEX. They shared the “why” behind the choice to install Lumitec LED lights in their products. Lumitec is very proud to partner with only the best. Come inside to see what our partners think separates us from the rest.

Boat Heist and the Great Social Media Recovery: A Recap

If you haven’t had a chance to read the amazing story of how the boating community came together recently to solve the mystery of our stolen boat, check it out here. We caught up with Lumitec company President, John Kujawa, for his thoughts after the recovery and who the real heros were.

Lumitec LED Innovation

What separates Lumitec from the others within the marine lighting industry? Understanding what LED technology is capable of, and then pushing beyond that. Company president, john Kujawa compares the differences in thinking to the differences in power between a Ferrari and a lawnmower. When Kujawa, founded Lumitec in 2007, he did so because he saw what was possible with LED technology. Where others saw an alternative to a lightbulb (lawnmower) he saw much more- brilliant source for illumination (the Ferrari). And what continues to separate Lumitec is the never ceasing pursuit of innovation. It is inside Lumitec’s Research & Development headquarters that longevity, stability, and beautiful brilliance are put to the test every day, in the pursuit of making something even better.

Lumitec- Lighting In Extreme Marine Environments

Today’s technology enables more imaginative, higher performing lighting than ever before. Lighting in harsh marine environments has been a challenge on many different levels. From being able to withstand the elements, to safety and compliance, to a level of what looks aesthetically pleasing, the proper lighting is one of the most important parts of boating. It’s because of these reasons that a partner like Lumitec is paramount to manufacturing lighting for the world’s best, highest performing crafts. Not only does Lumitec lighting crown some of the most prestigious boats and yachts in the world, but the lighting is also utilized by special forces, emergency services, construction, industrial, and agricultural industries. It’s through constantly pushing the realm of what is possible through research, product development, and innovation, that Lumitec continues to light the way for the industry today.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Trade Show

Today, the power of social media can produce profound results. We know that when our communities incorporate the latest technology into their organizing efforts – they can do anything from crowdfunding relief efforts in the wake of a local tragedy or natural disaster, to launching national awareness campaigns. At Lumitec, we never expected our social media network to catch a boat thief in the course of one weekend.


“Again, thanks everyone who contributed to the very quick recovery of this vessel. Sorry for the delay in the update but as you’d imagine there were a bunch of things that needed to be buttoned up,” began Lumitec CEO, John Kujawa on his company Facebook page.


For a saga which unraveled over the course of multiple days across niche boater Internet forums, shared screenshots and texted tips, Facebook was a fitting mouthpiece for the post-mortem directed at all those who had contributed to, or simply followed, the weekend-long online boat hunt.


“Here is a start-to-finish recap of what transpired.”




In the late hours of Friday, September 23 – the unlikely happened.


Lumitec Lighting had just transferred its flagship Intrepid 375 down to a Delray Beach facility in order to prepare for the International Boatbuilders Exhibition and Conference, or IBEX, the largest gathering of its kind among marine professionals in North America – then, one week out.


The unveiling of the Intrepid 375 promised to be a collaborative triumph – seven years in the making. Not only did it house Lumitec’s own experimental Power Line Instruction (PLI) technology but the end result featured a Mastervolt intelligent power management system, Yamaha Y-COP theft deterrent and GOST security installations, as well as a beautiful contribution from Blue Water Towers.


In fact, the team behind the state-of-the-art boat had proudly and meticulously recorded each step of their hands-on manufacturing process: pictures detailing the beauty of the bow and the tower, a technician wiring the freshly molded console, a craftsman measuring beams.


“Hi all,” one of the designers posted on The Hull Truth – a popular forum among boat enthusiasts. “I work for Lumitec, and we’ve been working on a new Intrepid 375 center console for the Miami show and some tournaments. We’ve done a lot of custom work and trying to do some new stuff with system integration and controls along with a power folding mini-tower, so I thought I’d share some photos. I’ve watched several of the build threads on here and always enjoy them. Let me know if you have any questions.”


The boating community in Florida is a tightknit one—and the response was immediate.


“That mini tower is going to be awesome. I know you guys and all of the team at Bluewater put a lot of time into it. I can’t wait to see it at the show,” wrote SeaShot; to which Latebreaker added, “Now we’re talking! Subscribed.”


Nearly a year and a half later, Lumitec’s IT Systems Manager took to the community forum with a much different update to share concerning the very same boat:


“At roughly 11:45 PM last night in Delray Beach, FL., our boat and truck were stolen off our loading dock. This is a boat we use to demonstrate our products at trade and boat shows. We have reason to believe the thieves might be heading south into Broward or Miami Dade County. Security footage screenshots are attached. Thank you in advance for any information/support.”


And with that, in show of support true only to social media– the chase was on.


Hours earlier, Company President John Kujawa had woken up to a series of texts alerts from the GOST system installed on the missing boat notifying him that the geo-fence had been breached and the boat, moved. Kujawa immediately logged into the GOST tracking interface which revealed a “sickening breadcrumb trail of the thieves heading south.” Fortunately for the Lumitec team, the onboard security system also provided high resolution footage of two of the thieves.


While Kujawa enlisted the help of a chartered helicopter and the local police, the Lead Designer and IT Systems Manger hastened to the Delray Beach office to review security footage from the night prior. Screenshots in hand, the office team posted what leads they’d wrangled up on social media–to their online community. And did the community ever respond in a time of need! In the hours following the Facebook post had over 67,520 hits, 564 likes and 221 shares. And over on the Hull Truth message board there were 74,721 views and 192 replies from the worried, yet determined boating community “I got dozens of emails and texts from throughout the state and beyond, even the Bahamas, from people who jumped into action,” says Kujawa, at the time still fearful that they’d lost the boat to a Cuba run.


Following the outpour of support and advice on social media and a local evening news story which played a clip of the recovered security footage –tip number one rolled in. Early on Sunday morning, a post accompanied by a photo taken on a smartphone claimed: “”I found ur boat!!”


Here’s what happened.


Jeff, the man behind the tip and an avid boater, himself, caught a glimpse of the Intrepid 375 wedged in between two charter buses nearly 36 hours later and 60 miles away in a parking lot in Miami. He thought its location was odd for such a nice, new boat. Flipping through a handful of message boards later that day, he got chills: “I couldn’t believe had I found it…”


He then proceeded to return to the site where he waited for 3 hours next to the boat until Kujawa could retrieve it. Only then did more clues begin to pour in and solidify the story of the previous two days.


“I think the truck and trailer shown in the video you posted belongs to my friend – Call me,” wrote a second user on The Hull Truth.


“I know who stole the boat,” wrote another social media user.




“As we’re standing in the otherwise empty lot, evidence just falls into our laps,” recounts Kujawa. “It was like an episode of Scooby Doo where you could faintly hear ‘…and we’d have gotten away with it if those meddling Internet people hadn’t gotten in the way.’””


In the last decade alone, social media has revolutionized the way people connect with each other. Without the help of the dozens of users who added their tips on The Hull Truth forum, The Man Cave, Facebook, and all the other Internet sites which pitched in to help – the Intrepid would have been lost.


Thanks to those “meddling Internet people,” as well as the team at Lumitec and its engineering partners, this year’s unveiling of the Intrepid 375 at IBEX 2016 still promises to be a collaborative triumph – only now one much larger in scope.

A Strong Founder Builds Lumitec’s Success

Lumitec was founded with a simple idea in mind. Rather than follow the extreme environment lighting industry, Lumitec would drive it forward. And yet, less than a year after the company was founded, it seemed as though the new startup was never going to have a chance. Due to rising gas prices and a global recession, the marine industry, one of Lumitec’s main markets, was dealt a massive blow. In 2008 and 2009, hundreds of dealers were forced out of business as new boat sales decreased by almost 80%. Rather than shrink in fear or give up, the company’s founder and CEO John Kujawa had a clear message: charge on.


While competitors were trying to cut costs at every turn and began shelving product innovations, Kujawa led the company in an immense product development push. Rather than cut spending, the business used its funds to aggressively research and adapt to customer needs. Lumitec adopted a “product first” mindset, meaning that it worked, and continues to work, toward creating products that go beyond merely what the customer wants.


Kujawa often brings up the Henry Ford quote, “If I’d asked customers what they wanted they would have said ‘faster horses.’” While competitors were working on merely providing the customer with what they described, Lumitec sought to create innovative and technologically superior products.


Today, that same mindset of “product first” still applies. The company has a strong and well-staffed engineering team that is encouraged to experiment and explore, to play around with ideas they may have. In order to give Lumitec’s engineers the tools they need to bring their ideas to life, the facility is equipped with a state of the art prototype lab, a CNC machining center, laser cutter, a 3D printer and many more useful tools to allow for innovation and creativity. This team of engineers goes above and beyond to not only meet customer needs, but to fully understand what the lighting is going to be used for. In one instance, a Lumitec engineer rode with a sanitation driver on his shift in order to fully understand what the lighting needs would be.


This type of creative research is all due to Kujawa’s leadership. Last year, Lumitec’s founder was recognized by Florida Governor Rick Scott for his contributions to the community with the “Governor’s Business Ambassador” award. And the governor isn’t the only one to recognize Kujawa’s vision for his company makes for a sound investment. Its customers often give Lumitec high praise, and the company has seen its market share grow. In under ten years, it has risen to become the industry standard for innovation and quality.


The boat industry rebuilt itself, and Lumitec grew with it. It now works with over 200 boat builders worldwide and is relied upon by the United States Coast Guard and Special Forces. Lumitec owns and operates two vessels which serve as testing labs for its products. In everything it does, Lumitec ensures the products it creates are constantly pushing the industry forward.


Having been born in the midst of difficult times, the company is now charging on, stronger than ever, with John Kujawa standing firmly at the helm. To read more about Lumitec’s history or contact a member of the team, visit today!

Lumitec Makes Inc Magazine’s List of Fastest-Growing Companies Again!

Lumitec Named to Inc Magazine’s List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Lumitec was named to Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Companies in America for the Fifth Consecutive Year with a three-year sales growth of 145 percent.  The 34th annual list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy—America’s independent entrepreneurs.  Lumitec is one of only five engineering firms to make the list on a consistent basis and the only one in their sector. With over two million dollars invested in equipment, research and technical platforms, Lumitec has pioneered technologies which shape the way users see lighting today. One technological area which sets Lumitec apart is their Timed-Toggle Protocol (TTP). Frequently emulated to the point of being an industry standard, Lumitec’s TTP is a beautifully simple engineered solution to provide sophisticated features like dimming and color change with no external control modules using any standard off-the-shelf switch.


For the fifth consecutive time, Lumitec joins companies such as Yelp, Pandora, Timberland, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, LinkedIn, Zillow, and many other well-known names gained early exposure as members of the Inc. 5000.  Since its founding by John Kujawa in 2007, Lumitec has gone from a small startup to a market leading international LED lighting manufacturer. The company continues to expand and innovate to meet a growing demand across diverse sectors on both land and sea. Today, Lumitec, which exports its lighting products to more than 30 countries, is known for its innovative lighting solutions sought by those for whom high performance and failsafe reliability are of paramount concern.


“We believe that the sale of a product represents a commitment – a commitment from the manufacturer to the purchaser, and all the way to the end user,” said John Kujawa, Lumitec’s founder and president. “Lumitec is committed to delivering performance, reliability, quality, and unparalleled support in all facets of our products and our business. Our reputation in this area among top builders, resellers, integrators and end users speaks for itself. In our tireless pursuit of excellence, we benchmark against standards, leverage best practices, and constantly innovate new techniques where necessary.”

Lumitec Receives Governor’s Business Ambassador Award

Governor Scott Awards Lumitec with Governor’s Business Ambassador Award

 On November 10, 2015 Governor Rick Scott recognized John Kujawa, Founder and President of Lumitec Lighting with the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award.


The Governor’s Business Ambassador Award is given to individuals and businesses in recognition for their dedicated work in creating jobs and opportunities for families in Florida. The governor praised John Kujawa’s dedication and innovation applied to retooling Florida’s economy.


“Florida businesses have added almost one million new jobs in less than five years and the job creators we are recognizing today are helping Florida’s economy grow.” said Governor Rick Scott. “I am honored to recognize Lumitec for their work creating jobs and look forward to their future success here in Florida.


John Kujawa, Founder and President of Lumitec Lighting, said, “Lumitec strives to deliver products of exceptional value to our great customers, and Florida has provided us with the supportive location we need to grow. On behalf of the whole Lumitec team, I am thankful to Governor Scott for recognizing our exciting success today.”


Lumitec is a product development company that is focused on the development and manufacturing of LED lighting. The company was founded in 2007 and their products are manufactured in the USA. Lumitec employs 40 Floridians, including nearly a dozen engineers, and is one of the fastest growing manufacturing companies in the U.S.

Lumitec Featured on

MIBS 2015: Ocean Signal, ACR, C-Map, Garmin GNX, Lumitec and Veethree

It’s often hard to organize the news from a busy event like the Miami International Boat Show (MIBS), but this year a few of my photos stood out because they also portray the people behind the electronics. So say hello to Ocean Signal founder James Flynn, seen here showing off their latest ultra compact rescueME safety devices. The MOB1 personal AIS beacon with its added DSC alarm seems impressively simple to fit and use, and thanks to recent FCC approval, it’s now available here in the USA.The new Ocean Signal rescueME EPIRB1 also impressed, but the beacon being used in the dramatic simulation above was no doubt well made by ACR, who co-hosted this kickoff “Saved by the Beacon” campaign event with the National Safe Boating Council. I really appreciate the steadfast ability of the COSPAS-SARSAT system and the need for all of us to keep our EPIRB/PLB registrations in order; plus, it was great to have an opportunity to cheer USCG boat and helicopter responders. But several of us noticed that an AIS MOB beacon might have been a better tool for this particular rescue scenario, and I look forward to the day when the SAR community shows more interest in SEND devices like the DeLorme inReach I often carry.


The flares used during the EPIRB demo and later in the dark were new ACR Aurora models that may well become commonplace. The red Aurora Hand Flares will purportedly cost little more than the Orion handhelds most every recreational boat now uses to fulfill USCG requirements, but they are 21 times brighter and seem a lot safer to use. The pull ignitor being shown by ACR marketing director Mikele D’Arcangelo above, for instance, looks a lot friendlier than the striker method. There will also be an Aurora Smoke Flare and yes, these new models seem similar to flares made by ACR sister company PainsWessex but without the SOLAS rating (and higher price). The new flares are not on ACR’s marine product page yet, but you can see Mikele making comparisons here.


The Jeppesen C-Map gang — Roger Brudenell, Francesco Altamura, Ken Cirillo, and James Detar — were a lot more joyful than I was able to photograph. A nearly full implementation of the C-Map 4D cartography suite was looking quite good on all those Raymarine displays, and it can now be yours with the new Lighthouse 13 update. (Note that matching raster charts will come with every vector region — including paper-like Explorer charts of the Bahamas — but Easy Routing and Guardian Alarm are still on the to-do list.) Add Raymarine compatability to the improving quality of Max-N+ charts for Navico MFDs that I saw in Hawk’s Cay and suddenly C-Map is a compelling choice for a whole lot of boaters.


While I think that Jan Silfven was also grinning on the inside, both of us were intent on trying to show how well a Garmin GNX display does its thing in bright Miami sunlight. Jan was part owner of Nexus Marine at one point, then a partner of Dean Barker, and now he seems excited to be part of the Garmin sail performance team in Sweden. He’s also the guy who once showed me how quickly a custom data label could be programmed into a Nexus display — illustration here — and I was happy to learn at the show that Garmin is making that sort of customization easy on the GNX for third party racing developers.


I was tickled to learn that Lumitec founder and CEO John Kujawa has teamed up with several other outstanding engineers on a research project called the innovation boat. For instance, while using simple on/off power switching to put light fixtures into different dim and color modes is common practice, this boat combines that idea with the speed and precision of digital switching (by CZone). The result is a simple interface that can deeply control individual lights on single power circuit while also being light on install expense and hassle. It’s still an experiment, though.


Finally, Veethree Intruments sales engineer Eric
Mueller showed me the company’s very interesting new Engine Gateway Monitor, which can put analog and J1939 engine data onto NMEA 2000 networks as well as display it (PDF here). Veethree is the instrument side of Teleflex and they know a lot about engine monitoring. Eric also had a prototype for a black box version of the gateway that will also be flexible and reasonably priced.

October 31, 2014, IBI Magazine: Seeing the Light: Lumitec

The lighting sector has become one of the most competitive spaces in the boatbuilding sector, with several dozen LED manufacturers and distributors vying for limited market share. The LED business is extremely price-sensitive, but also driven by the latest developments in technology.

“We’re seeing a constant flood of competitors entering the market,” says John Kujawa, president of Florida-based Lumitec. “Fortunately for us, the evaluation criteria for our products is rising extraordinarily fast as customers become more sophisticated. The newcomers need to be able to leapfrog incumbents who are moving very quickly, and that’s no small feat.”

Lumitec, which launched in 2007 when LED technology was relatively new, has worked hard to stay ahead of the curve. Kujawa, who graduated with an engineering degree from Stanford University, wanted to bring a high-tech focus to marine lighting through the emerging LED sector. Unlike many competitors, Kujawa decided to focus his product line specifically on the recreational marine sector before branching out into the maritime and military markets.

“The LED space in the marine industry is growing quite rapidly,” says Kujawa. “As one of the very early pioneers, we’ve been very fortunate to have been well positioned to capitalize on this market growth. We’ve consistently been successful at gaining considerably more share than we lose each year.”

The company had a strong 2013 according to Kujawa, with sales up in the mid-double digits. So far, 2014 is tracking about the same way. “We’re seeing growth across the board,” he says. “In retail space, there is some shifting as customers move to different channels. Among boatbuilders, we’re seeing additional sales with their adoption of new product lines or technologies.”

Lumitec recently launched a true 1,000-lumen deck light called the CapreraLT. It is designed for boat or yacht owners looking for the “greatest dollars-per-lumen value,” says Kujawa.

“Our strategy is based on innovation and we’re seeing an increased thirst for the types of solutions we’re bringing to the market,” he says.

September 9, 2013-Lumitec Set to Launch Three New Products at IBEX

Delray Beach, FL- September 9, 2013 – Lumitec, a leading designer and manufacturer of marine LED lighting solutions, is set to premier three new products at IBEX September 17-19 at booth 2155. Lumitec will also reveal technology updates for some of their most popular lights.

Leading the launch is Lumitec’s new Cayman line of spreader/floodlights with a measured output of up to 2,400 lumens, (integrating sphere measurement). The Cayman family offers: dual-color output, Monolithic solid metal construction, dimming, and DeckSweep optical technology. Color options include: single color (5,000k dimming Neutral white), or dual color (Neutral white dimming with blue dimming, or neutral white dimming with red dimming).

Lumitec will also premier the SeaBlaze Mini and the Shadow surface mount utility light. The newest member of the SeaBlaze family, the diminutive SeaBlaze Mini, leverages many of the technologies utilized in Lumitec’s most popular underwater light the SeaBlaze3, to ensure years of trouble free service. With an actual measured output of more than 700 lumens, the SeaBlaze Mini is perfect for smaller trailer boats, skiffs, or dinghies. It’s available in blue or white output.

Lumitec’s new Shadow surface mount utility lights are both versatile and tough with output greater than a 20W halogen. The Shadow features Lumitec’s Time Toggle Protocol technology enabling dimming and color change with a standard 2-wire hookup and any on/off switch.

The Shadow is also compatible with 3rd party controllers including dimmers, flashers, and scene controllers. The light includes a wide range of available output colors and features, including dimming, color change, flashing, and synchronized flashing.

“Our new products incorporate features that our customers have been asking for,” said Lumitec Founder and President John Kujawa. “They will unquestionably change the marine lighting landscape.”

In addition to their newest products, Lumitec will also reveal details on their latest product updates. The SeaBlaze3, Courtesy lights, Mirage down light, Rail2 and Mini Rail2, are among some of the lights that have been updated for 2014.

Lumitec’s ability to quickly design and manufacturer exceptional quality products has led to its success. Lumitec has made the Inc.500/5000 list for two consecutive years and continues to be one of America’s fastest growing US manufacturing companies.

Headquartered in Delray Beach, Fla., Lumitec is an engineering and design firm solely focused on the conceptualization, development, and manufacture of high-quality, extreme environment LED lighting. Lumitec LED fixtures are designed with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the lights’ true expected life and use, combining cohesive functionality and style to guarantee superior, long-lasting products. Lumitec provides full engineering capabilities including a full electrical and optics lab. Lumitec proudly does all of their design, testing, and manufacturing at their R&D headquarter offices in Florida.


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