Zambezi Surface Mount Underwater Lights


Zambezi Pontoon Boat Underwater Lights

We’re told that dollar for dollar and foot for foot, pontoon boats are the most fun you can have on the water. So when our pontoon builders asked us to design a light custom-tailored to their unique needs to keep the fun going once the sun went down, we delivered. Introducing Zambezi.


Like its namesake (Zambezi is an African bull shark), the Zambezi underwater light is tough, tenacious, and built to survive completely submerged in salt or fresh water (Zambezi’s wire and seal are the result of more than 70,000 hours of ingress and long-term permeability testing). Unlike its namesake the light can be operated below water or above with no long term detrimental effects.

  • Surface mountable with no wiring through hole required.
  • Two size options available, Quattro and Mini.
  • Available in single color, dual color or full-color RGBW spectrum.
  • High quality construction, bronze and aluminum housings.
  • Leveraging the class-leading SeaBlaze underwater light technology.


Superior Construction

Zambezi underwater lights are constructed from superior grade bronze and anodized aluminum housings with heat tempered glass to withstand the hashes of marine environments. The same materials found on our class-leading SeaBlaze underwater light series.

Available in Full-Color RGBW

Zambezi lights are available in single color, dual color and full-color RGBW spectrum. Zambezi Quattro is available in dual color white/blue or full-color spectrum, and Zambezi Mini is available in single colors, (white, blue green) or full-color spectrum.

Surface Mountable

Both Zambezi Quattro and Zambezi Mini are completely surface mountable with no through-hull wiring holes required. Perfect for mounting on a typical Pontoon Boat transducer/accessory bracket or anywhere that requires surface run wiring. 


Zambezi Quattro

COLOR OUTPUT: Dual Color White/Blue or Full-Color RGBW Spectrum

LUMENS: 2000+ TRUE measured lumens

HOUSING: Marine Grade Bronze

VOLTAGE:  10-30vDC

12VDC: 2.1A

24VDC:  1.1A

CCT:  6500

CRI:  70+

DIMENSIONS: 4” Dia. X 1.6” D

MOUNT: Surface


Zambezi Mini

COLOR OUTPUT: Single Color, White, Green, Blue or Full-Color RGBW Spectrum

LUMENS: 890+ on single color, 670+ on Spectrum RGBW color

HOUSING: Anodized Aluminum

VOLTAGE:  10-30vDC

12VDC: 880mA-990mA

24VDC:  450mA

CCT:  6500

CRI:  70+

DIMENSIONS: 3” Dia. X 1.2” D

MOUNT: Surface

Surface Mounting

Zambezi lights are supplied as completely sealed units with the housing and mounting puck attached. Unlike other underwater lights Zambezi does not require the drilling of a wiring through hole or back sealing the light, simply mount using the supplied template and three self locking machine screws. This flexibility makes Zambezi the perfect solution for Pontoon Boats, Floating Docks or any other application that requires surface run wiring.

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Where to Buy

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